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Our "Plan"


StayNJ is a *permanent program, signed into law, that will provide New Jersey seniors a 50% property tax reduction. 


All senior homeowners earning less than $500,000 annually are eligible to receive up to $6,500 in direct property tax relief every year, beginning January *2026




*Along with providing direct property tax relief, StayNJ also expands access to and increases benefits of both the Senior Freeze and ANCHOR programs. 

 (That's right, not until 2026) 

(If it EVER ACTUALLY HAPPENS in 3 years)

(In 3 years... MAYBE)

(An election year gimmick designed by politicians desperate to get re-elected) 

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“Reasonable minds can differ on whether the plan is good policy, but here is a question worth asking our representatives: is the plan even enforceable? Not at all.”  

- Adam J Elias, Candidate for NJ General Assembly (LD-14) 


“But if you’re a senior, or planning for retirement, don’t bank on this. They’ve rescinded rebates in tough times before. It’s likely to happen again in 2026.”

- Star Ledger Editorial Board, June 26, 2023

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Democrats don’t know how to make the state more affordable because their solution is always starting with government, which requires HIGHER TAXES. The real solution is lowering taxes.

-Insider NJ, May 25, 2023


“The program’s poor design, coupled with its billion-dollar price tag and lack of a funding source, should have lawmakers looking for other ways to help seniors stay in New Jersey.”

-New Jersey Policy Perspective, June 8, 2023.



“ I have no doubt Coughlin and other supporters of this bill see a benefit in approving tax breaks for seniors before November’s legislative races, not to mention in 2025, when Democrats will be campaigning to hold onto the governor’s mansion for a third consecutive term. 


But I wonder if they’ve thought of what happens when the cash the federal government has showered on New Jersey for years has finally dried up, or when a recession hits and revenue plummets. 

-New Jersey Monitor, June 10, 2023.

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